Emergency Covid relief distribution

COVID 19! Yes, it affected many individuals’ life differently. Some of us lost our job, health, or both. If we can touch one person’s life, it can mean a lot to them. Many daily workers have lost their jobs due to pandemics in Bangladesh. We plan to collect $5000 to give away at least two weeks of food supply to needy families. This box will be including flour, rice, salt, oil, potatoes, onions, and peas. Each box will cost around $20.

It is a ten days fundraising event. Please support this urgent cause!

We have collected $5100 and provided help to 255 families in Chittagong! 

Recent Causes

Pakistan Devastating Floods

Pakistan is currently facing one of the worst floods in its history. Over 33 million people have been affected, with thousands left homeless and without access to clean water or food. Over the last 72 hours:
– 1200 people dead.
– 30M people were affected.
– 15M people are homeless.
– 800K livestock deaths.
– 1.5 M houses were washed away.
– 40+ small dams breached.

Bangladesh Flood , 2022

We aim to distribute food baskets to flood victim families in Sylhet, Bangladesh. A recent flood and monsoon rain made living miserable for villagers. Our goal is to alleviate their sufferings to get food supply inshaAllah. Please find the below breakdown of the food basket items

Donate Your Qurbani From Virtual Bazaar -Season 2

magine sacrificing an animal for Qurbani in different parts of the world where you know more needy families will get the benefit. Being able to do that by seeing your animal can add more excitement to this beautiful act.

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