Support The First Muslim Death Body Washing Area Construction In Hawaii!

We need your urgent support to complete the first Muslim death body washing area for Hawaiian Muslims

Masjid Al Baqi is the only Islamic center in the Big Island of Hawaii and needs $100k to extend the masjid compound for building the following facilities-

  • Death body washing area
  • Wudu area for men and women
  • Bathrooms for men and women
  • Installation of solar panels 

So far, the new construction cost exceeds $103k. We are half of the way through our project. Please act first to accomplish this noble cause!

You can write a check as well directly to the below address –

Hawaii Islamic Foundation Inc

Address-16-566 Keaau/Pahoa rd, KEAAU HI 96746

Central Pacific Bank

Account number # 8900852863

Routing number # 121301578

Zam Zam Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. We are accepting any form of donation such as cash, cars, etc.

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