People Are Praying Outside Under The Tent !

Support to Provide secure prayer places in India!

Your support will help us to complete the below projects. Contribute to great causes and get rewarded abundantly from the sadaqah jariyah!

 Project 1- Masjid Roohani


We are collecting fund to build 4 walls, a roof, and a floor on donated land for everyone to at least start praying. The remainder work will be taken care of by local funding inshaAllah. Our goal is to build four walls, a roof, and a floor. 


Project 2- Masjid Faseeh


Masjid Faseeh will benefit five neighborhoods of Muslims. It was built in 1984 but was very old and was falling apart. The masjid needed renovation and a new structure. Currently, they are praying outside under sheets they have put up.

Your support is powerful! Please do your part for the benefit of ummah!

 Zam Zam Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. We are accepting donation such as cash, cars.

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