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Every month, an estimated 2 billion women around the world menstruate. While many have access to appropriate support and education, a considerable 500 million are left with little to no support. Period Poverty refers to the inadequate access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, and education, affecting roughly one in four women. It is one of the leading causes of death amongst menstruating women in the developing world. The inability to access affordable sanitary products, can lead to not only serious health complications but also a crippling anxiety recurring every month. The social stigma behind the topic leads many women to miss school and workdays, which is ultimately affecting their education and progress.

 ZamZam foundation is happy to announce our most ambitious charity project to date, The Jute plant sanitary pads. In collaboration with MIT award-winning and established scientist Dr.Khan, the project aims to mass produce biodegradable sanitary pads derived from the Jute plant. Mostly native to India and Bangladesh, the Jute plant is a versatile and tensile material with high moisture absorbing features.  Now, after months of numerous trials, we have been able to successfully construct high quality and biodegradable sanitary pads.

 With your help, the funds raised for the project will cover below core aspects:

 Setting up a factory (including equipments)

–  Dedicated lab for continuous product development

– Production cost of sanitary pads

– Operations, distributions and  awareness center

ZamZam Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. We are  accepting any form of donation such as cash, cars, cards and others.

Project Outline

Donate to Save the Earth!

Once mass production is initiated, for every sanitary pad sold, we will donate three pads to women in need globally. With the proceeds we will also open and partner with organizations to help promote better education for Period Poverty, with focus on underserved communities.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a project that is self-sustainable and that can reliably provide millions of women with Jute plant sanitary pads on a consistent basis. All women should have access to basic sanitary products, and with this project we aim to contribute to this cause.

 We hope you consider donating and being part of this innovative and environmentally friendly initiative to help millions of women worldwide who suffer from Period Poverty.

Project Report

Coming Soon!

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