Recycled Warmth - Season 2

Saving the environment, Creating jobs, Providing Free winter comforter to needy families!

Underprivileged family needs your help in winter!

The Winter comforter production and distribution project is running in Bangladesh and we need your support! 

Sponsor a Blanket for the price of a coffee!  ($ 3.33/ blanket)

With this project, our plan is to accomplish a few goals

We sleep in our warm bedding but many people in the world sleep in cold homes without even a blanket to cover themselves. Poor citizens of Bangladesh, who cannot afford blankets needed especially in cold winter time, get sick and some even die every winter. These are needy people who get sick and cannot afford medicine for treatment and we want to reduce this burden from them and provide warm blankets. 

“Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire,”

(Hadith, Tirmidhi)

Better lives for People                   

We collected unused, wastage fabrics from multiple blanket factories to make new comforters. We aim to manufacture comforters and distribute them to needy families. This project is empowering female and male daily workers who lost their job due to the COVID19 pandemic in the process. The purpose of manufacturing comforters instead of buying ready-made ones is to significantly reduce cost compared to the market price, provide employment, and promote recycling. We plan to distribute the manufactured comforters by the end of December 2021. Please find the below blanket distribution area list-

                                           Click to View 

Blanket Distribution Area

Coming Soon!

Recent Causes

Pakistan Devastating Floods

Pakistan is currently facing one of the worst floods in its history. Over 33 million people have been affected, with thousands left homeless and without access to clean water or food. Over the last 72 hours:
– 1200 people dead.
– 30M people were affected.
– 15M people are homeless.
– 800K livestock deaths.
– 1.5 M houses were washed away.
– 40+ small dams breached.

Bangladesh Flood , 2022

We aim to distribute food baskets to flood victim families in Sylhet, Bangladesh. A recent flood and monsoon rain made living miserable for villagers. Our goal is to alleviate their sufferings to get food supply inshaAllah. Please find the below breakdown of the food basket items

Donate Your Qurbani From Virtual Bazaar -Season 2

magine sacrificing an animal for Qurbani in different parts of the world where you know more needy families will get the benefit. Being able to do that by seeing your animal can add more excitement to this beautiful act.

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