Water Well For Underprivileged People!

With your donation, many people can have access to clean water

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Your Support Can Make A Difference!

We are raising funds to build a water well in poor neighborhoods of Bangladesh where access to water is not an easy task. Imagine living in a house with no water line and walking under the hot weather to get water for your daily basic needs! I wanted you to take a brief moment to put yourself in those needy people’s situation! Water is a basic necessity of our life. Many people in the world are still suffering to find clean water for daily needs. According to cdc.gov, an estimated 790 million people (11% of the world’s population)doesn’t have access to an improved water supply. Many people still die each year from diarrhea due to unsafe drinking water. Maybe we can’t help everyone, but we can change some people’s lives with your support inshaAllah. We need your helping hand to bring a smile to needy peoples’ faces by taking this burden away from their life.

Please Sponsor a Water Well for $140!

With your donation, many people can have access to clean water.

With this project, we aim to –

  • Install 200 tube wells by 2021
  • Support families who require clean water
  • Reduce health risk by supplying clean water
  • Cut down water shortage of underserved communities 

Installation Cost Per Tube well-   Total – $140

  • Labor cost for installation     – $30
  • Tube Well Hand Pump             – $35
  • 160 feet underground pipe    – $65                  
  • Filter and other accessories  – $10 

Coming Soon!

Recent Causes

Pakistan Devastating Floods

Pakistan is currently facing one of the worst floods in its history. Over 33 million people have been affected, with thousands left homeless and without access to clean water or food. Over the last 72 hours:
– 1200 people dead.
– 30M people were affected.
– 15M people are homeless.
– 800K livestock deaths.
– 1.5 M houses were washed away.
– 40+ small dams breached.

Bangladesh Flood , 2022

We aim to distribute food baskets to flood victim families in Sylhet, Bangladesh. A recent flood and monsoon rain made living miserable for villagers. Our goal is to alleviate their sufferings to get food supply inshaAllah. Please find the below breakdown of the food basket items

Donate Your Qurbani From Virtual Bazaar -Season 2

magine sacrificing an animal for Qurbani in different parts of the world where you know more needy families will get the benefit. Being able to do that by seeing your animal can add more excitement to this beautiful act.

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