Qurbani Cow # G, Uganda


To Donate the entire animal please select 7 portions during checkout.

  • Location– Kyangwali refugee camp, Uganda
  • Age– 3+
  • Color-  White & light Brown
  • Weight(Approx.)– 620 lb+
  • WhatsApp +256 789 852453

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Name of Person
Please add the name of the person you are doing qurbani for, if you have more then one person please use the + icon to add more names


We want to make this Qurbani process as unique and smooth as possible, InshAllah. Through our virtual Qurbani bazaar, you can experience a real-time visit of your Qurbani animal via WhatsApp( Certain rural areas may not have this feature due to internet limitations. Carefully check the animal details for the information). For an appointment and details contact the WhatsApp number provided. An exciting opportunity for you to feel and have a bond with the animal you are sacrificing for the sake of Allah. Take this opportunity to show your Qurbani animal to your children and family members.

  •  Please specify the persons’ name who is doing the Qurbani during checkout. (optional)
  • Since Qurbani animals are from different countries, the time they will be slaughtered will vary. 
  • As soon as, Qurbani animal slaughtering process is complete, you will get an email notification.
  • May Allah accept your sacrifice! (Aamin)
  • We secured the animal from local farmers and you will be donating the animal shown in the picture.
  • Animal price includes a 13% processing fee. It will cover the credit card processing fee, animal feeding, butchering, and distribution cost InshaAllah! 


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